Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sweet Sweater Shindig, Take 3

I would be remiss if I did not start this off at the very beginning.  Before sweet sweaters can be worn, they must first be acquired or, in my case, made.  For weeks...make that months...I scoured the internet and the wonderful world of Pinterest for ideas.  Any ideas would not do; I needed the best possible ideas so that we could bring it harder than it had ever been brought before.

Once I found the ideas, it was time to start crafting.  Easier said than done with a fat cat who loves to play with shiny things that dangle.  (And did I mention I waited until the last possible moment of the evening before the party to work on my beautiful creations?) 

After he sliced in half the thread holding several balls with his sharp claws, he was evicted for the duration of the crafting session.  While I know you are dying to see the outcome of this (doesn't it look absolutely gawgeous in the picture?), you will have to wait.  Let these delightful shoes tie you over for a moment.

 Next, was the sweater for the elusive hubby.  That went something like this...

Oh yeah, you like that!  Just wait until his mug is placed right above that tiny elf body.  Yes, he actually did agree to this sweater prior to construction.
What would a sweet sweater shindig be without awards?  I needed to amp up the award categories this year!

Craftiest for the (duh!) craftiest sweater, ballsiest for the person you can NOT believe left the house wearing THAT thing, and ugliest for the overall ugliest sweater winner.  Why I did not take a picture of the ballot box is beyond me.  However, it was wrapped in the sweetest sweater wrapping paper you can imagine.  Is there anything better than a reindeer in an ugly sweater?  I can't think of one thing!

After this came a brief period of time (by which I mean at least two hours) during which I lost the award for craftiest sweater.  I was beside myself checking all nooks, crannies, and driveways that could possible be the hiding spot of the lost award.  It was terrible!  I gather random bits of craft supplies to create a makeshift, far worse and nonmatching, award.  As I was about to piece together the misfit award I stumbled upon the missing award!!!  It somehow attached itself to the inside of my ugly sweater...close one!

Please pardon the ridiculous outfit.  I promise I do not leave the house looking like this.
I could not wait to crown the winners.  With all of the prep behind, I now present the moment you have been waiting for...a sampling of delightful sweet sweaters from the party!!

Just dynamite!  These pants are just dynamite!

Ahh, another crafty one!  Those bows are in impeccable lines!
You can't forget the drunken bearded Santas!
Alas!  A Christmas tree and Santa's elf!
And now I leave you with the winners....

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