Sunday, August 4, 2013

Shower Restoration, Part 2

The universe must not have been impressed with the selfie that I posted the other day, because THIS arrived in the mail yesterday!  Either that or this is a sign that I actually should include a ridiculous amount of selfies in my blog...what do you think?

And that brings me to part deux of the great shower restoration project.  Remember I finished cleaning all the scum and grout in the shower a few days back?  Well, caulking became a two day project after that.  Here's my pooch right after trying to help me out...I believe this was the point when she notified me that it is impossible to remove caulk without first applying a "softener" and scoffed on her way out of the shower.  Naive humans.

Fine, dog!  Off I go to the home improvement store to buy some caulk softener.  Little do I know that this is also not going to help.  Nice trick, dog!  Off I go to the home improvement store to get some real tools instead of these crappy red plastic caulk removers (you know, the kind that are only good for scraping crud off tiles).  Can I just say putty knives are amazing?  After that it all became pretty uneventful.  A little bit of painters tape and some caulk go a long way. 

Ooooh, pretty!
Take off the tape and voila!  Four trips to varying home improvement stores and $35 later, this is the shower. 

I guess now I can cross that one off the bucket list... 

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