Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The New Pad...Eventually

Today was a busy day!  Before I can even begin to tell you about that, I digress.  Monkey munch...mmmmm.  If you don't know, do an internet search for the recipe and make yourself a batch.  You will not regret it.  The hubs and I each have a bowl.  And a picture is worth 1,000 words.  I laughed my butt off for a solid 5 minutes over this one. 

Ok, now back to the busy day.  I went and put in an application for our new apartment.  You know, the one we will live in after we move out of this house!  I know what you're probably thinking.  What?  Is your house even on the market?  Well, not exactly.  Allow me. 

We are in the midst of sprucing up a few things in order to get our house on the market.  At the same time, we have been looking around at apartments and found the perfect one for us.  Smaller, maintenance free, new construction, downtown, full size washer and dryer, and they allow pets!  However, we want one particular apartment in the complex.  This apartment is next to the model, eliminating noisy neighbors, and backs up to a courtyard that I could easily use to entertain.  (And, if you don't already know, I am a FANATICAL hostess who LOVES throwing themed parties.  That was the one thing I was concerned about losing with the move.)  I've been keeping up to date with the leasing agent.  She knows our situation so I asked her to let me know if it seemed like anybody else wanted to rent OUR apartment.  Well, last week a couple almost did.  Thankfully they found out they were pregnant and needed a two bedroom.  Phew!  We dodged a bullet with that one!  Then, yesterday afternoon I got another message from her saying that a different couple was filling out the application and wanted OUR apartment.  Man, I just can not catch a break.  The hubs and I decided we should put in our application for a future date so they would reserve the apartment for us and we could stop having heart palpitations every few days because of this apartment.  We filled out all the necessary documentation and I drove down to the apartments bright and early this morning.    
Yep, that's me!
I was so eager to beat this other couple (evil, I know) that I got there before the leasing office opened.  Perfect photo op!  Here is the nautical themed "park" on site.  I know Popcorn is going to love peeing all over this joint.

Clock strikes 9 and I am in the door.  I turn in the application and ask if I can see the apartment to take some photos.  I knew my adoring fans would expect nothing less!  How could I possibly talk about my adventures with reserving an apartment and fail to have photographic evidence.  

The kitchen.  Notice the last cabinet on the right.  This is proof that I have the perfect spot for my human sized popcorn machine.  For some reason, the hubs has asked me on at least 4 separate occasions if I will be leaving my machine behind.  How rude!  I had to prove my case.  Winning! 


Looking out from the kitchen.  This will be the dining and living areas.  Sweet view to come later.

Bathroom.  This photo was taken more for my planning purposes than your viewing pleasure, but who am I to hold back on information?

And my personal favorite part...the courtyard where many a party will be had!  This area is complete with hammocks, fire pit, outdoors sofas, and a flat screen TV.

BTW, whenever an application is turned in you get a sweet schokolat bar!  In case you were unclear, that is the pool I will be floating in very soon.  There is still a debate raging as to whether the picture is printed on cardboard or edible paper.  I promise to inform you very, very soon.

So at least now we do not have to worry about some greedy couple snatching up our apartment.  Realtor comes Saturday to officially get our home photographed and listed.  Wish me (and I guess the hubs too) luck! 

I know you all are dying to hear how part two of the great shower renovation went, but I am still recovering from that.  There's always tomorrow.

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